Marder vertreiben – So wirst Du Deinen Marder los

Ein Marder kann schwere Schäden am Haus oder am Auto verursachen. Daher sollte man ihn vertreiben, wenn man Marderspuren entdeckt.

Marder like people. She wants to attend her area even yet in the huge city. Often the creatures do not drop at all, since they will be nocturnal and sleep inside their covering day. But they can be quite a problem. ” Marders choose the upper floors, particularly the loft, for his or her hiding-places, and are often producing huge damage”, says Jürgen Eylert from the Study Center for Hunting and Wildlife Safety in Bonn. And which can be expensive.

Particularly annoying is that marten search into the tube passages of the ceiling insulation. “Usually, in addition they destroy the underpass. And the main warmth gets damp and loses its insulating influence, “describes Religious Anders from the Main Association of the German roofing deal in Cologne. This produces temperature bridges, byImage result for marder vertreiben which heated air escapes, and that drives the heat costs up. In case of non-heated and non-heated roofs, there is also the danger that shapes form.

Especially bad is for most people first the noise of the animals. “Crawling disturbances and rumbling in the basement are signs of a marten assault in the marderfalle,” explains Eylert. Also excrements of feces and urine as well as remnants of carcass indicate the uninvited guest. “If you do not see the marten over an extended period of time, this will lead to the scent of faeces and corrosion scattering in the complete house.”

Steinmarder can rise well and jump over two meters. Therefore you can use woods or the crops on your house wall to find a loophole in the home, describes Eylert. Comes of rain and walls may also be hiking aids. “It does not always have to become a loophole to obtain under the ceiling,” claims Derk Ehlert, Wild Animal Commissioner of the City of Berlin. A marten may also force up a heavy ceiling tile to slip into the roof.

There are several approaches to eliminate a marten – like, to create him immoral by making the stay as unpleasant as possible. “Like, you are able to disturb your night’s rest with a noisy radio on your day or knock where in fact the marten has their hiding position,” implies the zoologist Julian Heiermann from the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) in Berlin. Ultrasonic products also needs to make a splash, says Derk Ehlert.

Some consider the catch of the creatures in live instances as a good solution. Nevertheless, only somebody who has a shopping certificate, explains Jürgen Eylert. Marders are at the mercy of shopping law. In addition, the capture of the animals did not have a long-term accomplishment as possibly a fresh marten occupied the liberated region or the expelled marder traveled long distances to come back to his home.

It’s not proven that budgetary means such as for instance pet hair or urine of different creatures support against marten infestation, claims Eylert. For if the marten does not appear for quite a long time, it are often he is now looking for another of his numerous habitations in his territory.

In the future, expert experts genuinely believe that marten can just only be prevented inside your home if the structures are inaccessible. Their loophole should thus be found and closed. That can be done, for example, by the fact landowners lay raked sand areas around the making, making records of the martens behind. Or your house owners search the plants at your house for hints.

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